There seems to be a “BEST OF” for everything – so why not FITNESS?! Yes – YEG FITNESS is doing their annual BEST OF 2018 awards!


It’s that time again. Each year, we ask our readers to let us know who their favourites are. The best trainers and instructors. The best studios and gyms. The best therapists that have helped them get back functioning after an injury. It’s time to make your nominations for the BEST OF YEG FITNESS AWARDS for 2018.

We encourage businesses to share the nomination page with their clients and partners to give them a better chance of being a finalist. The top 5 nominees in each category will be invited to our Best of YEG Fitness Awards Night in February where we will recognize the nominees and present an award to the winners.

Please remember that correct spelling is your friend to help make sure that the total number of votes cast for your favourites are counted. In the case of a trainer or therapist, a first and last name are needed (even the name of the studio they work at would be helpful so we can make sure they are recognized).

Voting is now open and will be running through the end of November. We’ve restricted voting to one vote per device to ensure fairness in the nomination process. All entrants must also provide their name and email address. There will be only entry per person allowed, any attempts to stuff the ballot box with multiple entries per person or multiple copied entries will see result in all questionable ballots discarded. YEG Fitness reserves the right to interpret compromise of ballots as it sees fit.

So make sure to vote for your favourites to help recognize them for the hard work they do and help them be recognized by spreading the word on social media to get your friends to vote.

Head on over to YEGFITNESS to VOTE NOW…

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