I've never boxed before, will I be able to keep up?

Hell yes (and look at you wanting to box. Instant bad ass.)

Our Classic KO 50 is beginner friendly and designed to allow everyone to box at your own pace. Ten minutes before class, we’ll call First Timers to the ring for our “pre-class,” where we go over wrapping your hands.

What are the benefits of boxing?

Other than feeling like a total badass that can do anything, really, here are some legit benefits of boxing:

Fat Burning
Increased Metabolism
Increased Muscle Tone
Increased Cardiovascular Fitness
Improved Muscular Endurance
Improved Core Stability
Improved Strength and Power
Improved Hand-Eye Coordination
Stress Relief (like who doesn’t like to punch shit?)

Is there a beginner class?

No because all of our classes are suitable for beginners, and you’re badass right? If you’re not convinced, we also offer private coaching with Jelena or Elyas if you’d like to train with the pros and learn some one-on-one technique before you step into a class setting, but it’s certainly not necessary for attending your first class. You can also check out our BAG DRILL BURN 101 class which focuses more and technique with bag drills to finish off the class!

How old do you have to be to take a class?

16 with a waiver signed by a parent or guardian who remains in the studio during class (or even better – take the class together).

What can I expect?

Welcome to your new addiction.

The Knockout Room: a dimly lit chamber of motivation mixed with adrenaline where we supply you with your very own personal punching bag. A combination of rhythmic boxing and classic technique focused instruction. Through movement and physical discomfort, we teach you to use your mind to focus in on the the rhythm of the music and leave everything at the door. No previous boxing experience is required, we offer the full package: expert instruction, a mind body and soul experience combined with intense cardio, plyometric-hiit style exercises all while you box to the beat.

Do you offer corporate events or private classes for groups?

Yes, yes and yes. Email manager@champsboxing.com

But you can’t punch out your boss. We can’t be responsible for that.

Where are you located?

10251 109 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 1N2
We have metered street parking all over as well as impark lots!

Why boxing?

Did we mention that you automatically become bad AF when you know how to throw a jab, cross, hook?

Our instructors will kick your ass and keep your body working – no two classes will ever be the same, making it nearly impossible to get bored, or hit a plateau. HIIT means you’re training on an entirely new level and even better, the surge in your metabolism post class will guarantee that you’ll be burning calories throughout class. You’re welcome.

Can I take class if I’m pregnant?

Know your body and consult your doctor. You go Ma, we ain’t gonna try and stop you.

What are wraps and do I really need them?

Would you train in jeans? Just no.

ALL BOXERS REQUIRE THEIR HANDS TO BE WRAPPED. Wraps help protect your hands and wrists while punching the bag. We have wraps available for purchase for $15. If you really want to be bad AF you can purchase your own gloves for $45 at the studio. Glove rentals are free.

Is there any physical contact?

Hey, we get it. You don’t wanna mess up that money maker. You’ll be happy to learn that there is no contact in our K.O, or Boxing 101 classes!


Do you have lockers?

Of course! We have lockers located in the main entrance of the studio and in both mens’ and ladies’ change rooms.

Do you have water or should I bring my own?

You can bring your own but in case you forget, we sell Earth Water for $2/bottle.

Is there food available at Champs?

Not yet – but we can offer some really great suggestions!

Do you have showers?

Ummmmm hello? Will you sweat?

Of course we have showers! There are multiple showers in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Towels, vanities, hair dryers, and bath and body products are also provided. You’re welcome.


Do I need to create an account?

Hey listen, we can’t do everything for you… and YES you need an account, it’s super easy and will take less than a minute. Download our Champs Boxing App in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and set up your account before you come to the studio – this will save time while you get ready for class and wrap your hands.

Do I have to buy a package or a membership?

Of course not, but you can buy a single class (commitment issues, huh?) We also offer introduction packages for our first timers. 3 classes for $30 or try us for 3 weeks, unlimited classes for $85.

Do you offer monthly memberships?

We aren’t a big box gym so there are absolutely no contract fees at Champs. We currently offer 1, 5, 10, and 20 class passes. Along with monthly, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month memberships. We also offer private one-on-one training and can accommodate special events.

When do classes become available to book online?

We get it, you are excited.

2 weeks Champ, you can only book 14 days in advance.


Last minute class sign up? Of course it’s full, that’s why Champs plan ahead for success. BUT if a class is full, you can choose to be added to the waitlist. If a bag opens up more than 5 hours before your class, you will receive a confirmation email (make sure those notifications are turned on in your settings in your MBO account!) and please confirm that you are able to come. If it is less than 5 hours before the class, you will receive a call or email from the Champs Front Desk Crew, to see if you are still able to attend.

Don’t be late.


When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving at the studio at least 20 minutes before class for check-in. There is metered street parking around the studio but nothing sucks more than arriving and NOT finding parking and being late or missing your class. So don’t say we didn’t warn you…

What do I do when I get there?

Fist bump to whoever is at the front desk and mention that it is your first time. They’ll taken care of you. Be sure to purchase your class or package in advance or know what you want when you arrive.

If it’s not your first time, still say what’s up and get going. It is imperative that you arrive to class with your hands wrapped if you plan on cutting it close. Check out our video on how to wrap hands in the videos section!

What if I’m running late?

We told you to plan ahead didn’t we?

To ensure that your spot is not released to the next person on the waitlist, please arrive at Champs at least five minutes prior to the start of your class with your hands wrapped. To be respectful of others, there will be no entry five minutes once the doors to the Knockout Room are closed.

Pro-tip: Online sign-in is required to save your bag!

Something came up. Can I cancel?

We get it – shit happens. If you do need to cancel your class, it must be cancelled at least 5 hours before the class begins. All cancellations MUST be done through your account on the Champs App. If you cancel before the 5 hour mark, you will not be charged for the class. If it is less than 5 hours a class will be deducted from your account . As of February 1st, 2018, any unlimited or monthly packages will be charged $15 to the card on file.


Phones off.

We get it. If you didn’t post it, did it really happen? Save it for pre / post workout! Results first – bragging rights after!

Keep it quiet.

Keep the chatting to a minimal. No one likes chitty chitty chit chatter. We’ll tell you when to make some NOISE!

Minds open. Ego's Checked.

Train like a champ. Don’t be shitty. We’re all here for the same purpose.

Heads up.

Keep your head up. Elbows in, and hands by your face.

Please note we ask that you arrive 20 mins before class if you need help to wrap your hands or if you’re cutting it close, check out our video and wrap your hands before you arrive and come ready to fight.