50 Minutes

K.O Classic

Champs supplies you with your own personal punching bag in our dark “Knockout” room, with badass lighting and killer beats. Leave everything at the door and focus completely on your workout. No previous boxing experience is required.

Our group K.O classes offer a full mind and body experience with high cardio, plyometric-style exercises, making you sweat from the first, to the very last punch.

50 Minutes

Bag Drill Burn

So, you wanna get TECHNICAL?

This class will put an emphasis on the technical aspect of boxing. Everything from proper footwork, weight transfer, and how to throw each punch properly, while building strength, stamina, and endurance. Be prepared to train like the pros as you finish the class with high intensity bag drills.

Come ready to work like a Champ!

60 Minutes


Looking to up your KO50 game?

Step into our brand New 60 minute “Heavyweight” strength-based workout designed to build endurance and control. Take it solo or double up with our classic KO50 for that extra burn. This class uses functional movements to increase strength, power and mobility using weights, resistance bands and tempo. The challenge is yours whether you are aiming to build muscle mass or just to feel stronger this is the class you!

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Looking for some one-on-one / private classes?

So you think you can fight huh? Lets get technical! We've got one-on-one or private training sessions as well!