This months spotlight belongs to Stephanie (@stephaniedee). Stephanie has overcome so incredible physical trauma that almost left her in a wheelchair, losing function of her entire body.

This is her story:

On November 2016, I was in a car accident. The vehicle behind me started to slide, causing a chain reaction that resulted with my vehicle being slammed into the barrier wall.

Being hit by both sides, I had a double impact accident – which caused a major whiplash (WAD 3) injury. The swelling got so severe, that it put pressure around my spinal cord and I lost function of my body.

Spinal taps, MRI’s, CT Scans, x-rays, etc… were all done to try and figure out exactly what was wrong with me. A special team of neurologist’s and physiotherapists were also present during this time.

After a few weeks, I could walk with assistance, but my hands took a long time to work again. I still do not have any feeling in my hands or feet. I wear a compression brace around my back / spine to help with the pressure and pain.

On March 2018, I started boxing at Champs. The team at Champs, the atmosphere, and trainers helped push me to make some actual progress. I can now remove the wrap for boxing and I feel great. I still attend physio and neurology appts – but overall there has been significant improvement in my health.”

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