Community Spotlight: Ashley Lynn

This month’s spotlight belongs to Ashley Lynn. She’s a huge inspiration to all of us! Ashley can be seen around the studio on a daily basis. She’s already crushed TWO 30 day challenges, completing all 30 days in each month! We couldn’t be more inspired by this beautiful and amazing human being. This is her story!

I have struggled with my weight and had self esteem issues as long as I can remember. I was teased throughout school and hated physical activity because I always associated it with feeling uncomfortable in gym class. Although I was always overweight, it never really occurred to me the severity of what I was putting my body through. Unfortunately, I found out the hard way, and on January 1st, 2016, I was taken to emergency because I couldn’t breathe. I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in my left lung) heavily related to morbid obesity. Despite being slapped in the face with a reason to lose weight and get my health under control I couldn’t get over my utilization of food as a coping mechanism and this led to me reverting to my old habits and being stuck in the same place I’d always been. It wasn’t until I started at Champs that my mindset changed, and everything started falling into place. 

I decided to start at Champs because a friend had asked me to come to a class with her. I had been trying to ‘do one thing a day that scares me’, (and boxing definitely scared me) so I figured, why not? Turns out it was the best decision I could have made. As soon as I finished my first class I was hooked, and I haven’t looked back since. Champs has been my therapy and given me an outlet that I didn’t even know I needed. Since starting at Champs my mindset has completely changed – I have a stronger hold of my food addiction and have never loved a physical activity more. It is hard, it challenges me physically and mentally and is consistently teaching me to be determined, keep fighting and never give up no matter how hard it is or how frustrated I get. It has taught me to feel comfortable outside of my comfort zone and has proved to me that I can do the things my mind says I can’t. It has taught me how to fail, but also how to learn from those failures and move forward.  

Another huge factor in my success this far is the community. Every single member of the team at Champs has shown nothing but support and love towards me. I am a part of the team here and I honestly think that I have been able to work so hard towards my goals because I know that I have all of these wonderful people in my corner cheering me on. It sure gives me an excuse not to give up. I don’t think they realize how much I love them and appreciate everything they do!  

Right now, my long-term goal is to lose around 160 lbs. Since starting at Champs, March 22, I have lost 35lbs. I’m still a long way from my weight loss goal, but my emotional transformation thus far has surpassed anything I could have expected. I had no self esteem, I was sad all the time and I doubted my ability to change and reach my goals. Proving myself wrong has been the most rewarding experience of my life – and I honestly don’t think I would have come this far this quickly without Champs. I can’t wait to meet my goals and see what’s to come from here! #thisiswhyibox

Thank you Ashley for sharing your story with us!  If you or someone you know deserves to be in the community spotlight – hit us up! Email We wanna hear about it!

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